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Sinoera Electronics Group (Headquarters) Address:Sinoera Electronics Industrial Park, Jiangshan—Hechen Highway Industrial Corridor, Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province
Beijing Office Address:Room 61143, No.3 Gate, Diplomatic Residence Compound, Jianwai, Xiushui Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Wuhan Office Address:No.6-2204 of Chunshuli Community, No.50-52 Xudong Street, Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei Province
Xi'an OfficeAddress: Room 1319, Unit 3, Building #3, Aiduhui Community, Tangyan South Road, High-tech District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.
Changsha OfficeAddress: Room 1605, Lane 3-16, Sunshine 100 New City, Changsha, Hunan Province.

Sales Contacts

Customer Service: 86-0570-4447348 86-0570-4575850
After-sale Service: 86-0570-4447328 86-0570-4574899
Product Quotation: Product consultation/quotation for high-voltage electrical components, mutual inductors, five prevention electrical appliances, power electronics and automation products :86-0570-4447348  86-0570-4575850
Product consultation/quotation for high and low voltage complete sets of switching equipment and transformers products:86-0570-4447398、86-0570-4575877 Consultation and Quotation of Integrated Solutions: 86-0570-4575862
Fax: 86-0570-4447358

Human Resource

HR Department: 86-0570-4575856    86-0570-4447363
Bus Lines: No.108 Bus, from "Jiangshan Train Station" to the station of "Sinoera Electronics". No.201, No.203 and No.209 Buses from "Jiangshan North Bus Station", "Jiangshan South Bus Station" and "Hushan Bus Station" to the station of "Sinoera Electronics".