Employing Concept

With respect to the talents, we advocate both ability and integrity and pay attention to morality, gift and performance. We regard talent as the company's most valuable asset and strive to create a good employment mechanism and the environment, and even respect for staffs' personality and encourage the participation of our staff, and affirm the value of employees and stimulate their creativity. Moreover, we provide a stage for the people to give full play to their talent. The people who acts will have an opportunity and stage, and those who have get success will have a respectable status.

We will create an organizational climate of "co-striving, co-creation, co-sharing and win-win". The sustainable development of the Company will be a solid foundation for the commitment to our staff to develop with them and share success and create the future.

Sinoera's Ideology of Employment

Basic principle of "Four Employments": the person with good morality and strong sense of responsibility will be employed; the person of ability to execute and paying attention to the teamwork will be employed.

Preferential principle of "Four Non-employments": the person not observing the overall situation and not training his/her subordinates will not be employed; the person not being realistic and not hoping to change will not be employed.

        We are looking forward to your joining and work together to open a new page of Sinoera.

Job Offer

管理类 法务主管 财务经理 质管部经理(成套、箱变) 物流专员/采购专员 供应链管理部经理
销售类 销售公司总经理 国际贸易部经理 市场推广经理 大客户经理 客户经理 区域经理
技术研发类 系统软件设计工程师 箱变(成套)售后服务工程师 成套调试质检员
生产类 装配工(变压器) 装配工(成套) 装配工(接地开关) 装配工(互感器) 箔绕工 变压器绕线工 干燥滤油工 包装工 锯板工 成套做排工 放线工 数控折弯工 数控冲床工 电焊工/辅焊工 喷塑喷漆工 酸洗磷化工 车床工 锯床工 抛光工 机修电工
后勤及其它 食堂厨师 食堂辅工 普工
Job Content:

Recruitment Conditions:


Career Development

The Group has gradually established and improved the staff development management system and set career development path for each position according to the specific circumstances of the staff career planning and design. Based on the talent development plan, the Group established and improved the staff training system; furthermore, we have trained and developed employees systematically for the purpose of improving their knowledge and skills and satisfying the demand of company's development and their career development.


Pleasant life

The Group has organized many recreational activities after work to enrich their spare-time, such as literary and artistic activity, sports etc. Let's taste a new life in Sinoera.