After-sale Service

Commitment of Technical Service:

1. We will promptly provide technical information and drawings to customers, and invite customers to participate in our technical design review.
2. We will go to the site for technical guidance to instruct the demander for installation, commissioning, transmission and commissioning.
3. We will take the initiative to provide the equipment and devices purchased and related to the contract of the technical conditions and information.
4. We will cooperate with customers on the training courses of equipment installation, commissioning, use and maintenance technology.
5. We will respond to customer service needs in 12 hours and provide professional services program, implement efficient on-site processing and service until getting customer's satisfaction.
6. Our products will have a preference of "lifelong repair" with the warranty period of one year, during which the products will be repaired freely. We will provide components and parts at a competitive price in case of exceeding the warranty period.
7. We can satisfy the demand for components and parts of customers at any time.

Commitment of Technical Service:

1. We will strictly check and control the quality of entry of raw materials, the original device, and supporting parts.
2. We ensure that the processing technology of the products will be improved with complete detection means; the defective products will not be brought to the factory.
3. We will report any quality defects discovered in the manufacturing process to the demander and supervision representative in a timely manner without concealment. In case any the equipment defects have exceeded the standards regulated in the contract, we will change unconditionally.
4. We will cover insurance for the equipment supplied in the process of manufacturing, transportation and handling; in case of accidents, we can exchange and repair the equipment supplied as soon as possible until getting customer's satisfaction.
5. In case of missing parts in the process of opening the case, we will be responsible for supplementing the parts missing as soon as possible.
6. Any quality problems discovered in the process of installation, debugging and operation of the equipment thereafter, we will assume corresponding responsibilities if caused by us.

Service Hotline

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