Voltage and Capacity Regulated Transformer


>>>  Product Summarize

         Automatic voltage and capacity regulated transformer is mainly used in residential area, commercial area, industrial area and rural area with wide temperature change in different seasons or day and night, and with low average load rate, it solves the problem for big power loss and unsteady voltage. It is applicable for power distribution area with rated voltage of 10kV, capacity of 630kVA and below, it helps to realize the automatic regulation on voltage and capacity, and can be matched with backstage system for power system management and realizes four remote control function. These power distribution areas have also function for three phase active non-balance regulation and separate phase reactive compensation.  


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>>>   Product Features                                                                                                                                                               

  1. Remote monitoring

This transformer have tap changer inside, through automatic management terminal it can realize remote voltage and capacity regulation as well as remote data collection and monitor.

      2. Automatic voltage regulation

With function of automatic voltage regulation, when the voltage changes caused by unstable load exceed the set value, the transformer can automatically regulate the voltage and makes the voltage at LV side is within the qualified range, which improve the power quality and extend the equipment endurance, solving the problem of low qualified rate during peak time for power grid.

      3. Automatic capacity regulation

The three phase HV winding of transformer is connected into delta (D) for big capacity, and into star (Y) for small capacity. The low voltage winding is consisted of : I section is minor turns; II& III section are major turns, and are made in parallel. When it is running under big capacity, II& III section, connected in parallel, are connected with I section in series, when under small capacity, I, II &III section are connected in series, the changes in connection of HV windings and LV windings are all realized through on load capacity regulator in control system. In this way, the no load loss under small capacity can be reduced obviously

      4. When controller is under manual mode, it can make voltage and capacity regulation through button on control panel. Under this mode,                if  there is a big current, controller enter protection mode and change the transformer into big capacity5.“Four remote” function

5.  " Four remote " function

The automatic management terminal of this transformer is LV power distribution management terminal with monitoring function, which can deliver the monitor data and operation status to backstage management system, and is compatible with RS485, GPRS/GSM for remote control, remote signal, remote regulation and remote metering.

>>>  Technical Advantage

  1. Adopting vacuum arc extinguishing voltage and capacity regulation switch, the mechanical endurance of contact achieve 25 times, the electrical endurance is over 100,000 times, the changeover operation is safe and reliable, the arc is extinguished in vacuum, and will have no effect on transformer oil;

  2. It adopts dual steady permanent operation mechanism, with reliable performance and fast changeover, the voltage vibration during this process is small and will have no effect on normal power supply;

  3. Controller has the function for mass events record: during operation all the data can be recorded in form of journal which can be searched and chased. The recording No. is no less than 2million, if 100 items are recorded each day, the data can be recorded for 40 years.

  4. With capacity upgrade time extension function: when transformer is working overload, the controller can automatically shortened the time for capacity increase, which makes transformer change to big capacity quickly to avoid damage.  

  5. Provided with communication with Ethernet, GSM, GPRS, RS485, RS232, WIFI, USB and 2.4GHz short distance wireless communication to meet client’s requirement. 

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