PV Power Generation Combine Substation

>>>   Summarize

          ZGS□–Z.G(F)is combined transformer specially developed for PV (wind) power generation. The product is a key power supply unit in distribution network, which is a prefabricated product for HV control, protection, power transmission and is widely used in PV (wind) power network.

         The product combines transformer, switchgear, HV current limit fuse, tap changer and related equipment into single equipment. The HV LBS and HV fuse are located in the transformer tank, which share the tank with the transformer. The oil tank adopts full sealed structure, with components like oil temperature meter, oil gauge, pressure meter to monitor the operation status of transformer. Adopting plug type dry fuse, the fusing of fuse have no effect on the transformer oil. This product provides rational solution for the client and is the ideal equipment for PV (wind) power generation.


>>>  Model


>>>  Structure Characteristic

  •          1.The combined transformer is divided into four rooms as transformer room, HV room, LV room and comprehensive room (including testing, LBS and fuse, etc). It features in small volume, compact structure and can be steadily lifted.
  •          2. HV side adopts terminal type LBS (can be operated by motor) plus fuse for protection, LBS and fuse are installed inside transformer tank, using fully sealed structure, transformer oil is used as insulation medium and radiating medium, with features of compact structure, good heat radiating performance.  
  •          3. The inner door of HV room is with electromagnetic lock and live displayer, when the HV side is live, the door cannot open, the outer door of HV room is with mechanical lock, which comply with the “five protection” requirement for HV equipment, can guarantee people’s safety.
  •          4. 10kV class combine substation fuse protection, the HV back up current limit protection fuse and plug in type overload fuse are used in series, which can provide full ranged protection for transformer. HV current limit protection fuse is used for short circuit protection for transformer, plug in type overload protection fuse is used as overload protection for transformer and protection for small fault short circuit current.  
  •          5. 35kV class combined substation fuse protection adopt one novel HV current limit fuse for full ranged protection. It can break any fault current from current causing the fusing to rated breaking current, it combines the different features of two fusing element, current limiting fuse with high breaking ability and non-current limiting fuse with good protection for small current, and get the full ranged breaking ability.
  •        6. HV side outgoing uses structure of HV dry type bushing supporting copper bus which facilitate the connection for multi cables. For 10kV combined substation, HV side outgoing can use HV bushing with single pass or double pass, elbow type cable head structure. LV side outgoing can be brought out directly or as per client’s requirement.
  •        7. The door of substation is wind proof hinge, all doors are opened out forward, the opening angle is no less than 90degree, and with location device. The door is with sealing measures, with function of cushion, water proof, rust proof and vandal resistant.。
  •          8. The enclosure is of sealed structure, using concealed high strength bolt and sealing cover with oil resistant gasket, all enclosure is with no exposed removable bolt.  
  •          9. The enclosure is treated by special technique, with good corrosion ability, and can prevent the corrosion of wind, sand and sat frost . 

>>>   Service environment and condition

       1.    Altitude is no more than1000m;

         2.    Ambient temperature: Max. 45℃, Min.℃;

         3.  Relative humidity: daily relative humidity no more than 95%, monthly average is no more than 90%;

         4. Seismic intensity ≤8 class;

         5. Outdoor wind speed is no more than 40m/s;

         6. Ground slope is no more than 3°;

         7. Installation location shall be no danger for explosion, fire, severe fifth, chemical corrosion and strong vibration;

         8.  The environment condition is out of above mentioned conditions, client can be negotiated with our company.


>>>  Technical Data for Transformer 

1.    Rated voltage: 35kV and 10kV and below

2.    Rated frequency: 50Hz

3.    Insulation level is as follows:

4.    The insulation class of substation is A class, the winding temperature rise is no bigger than 65K, the top oil temperature rise is no bigger than 60K.

5.    Protection degree of enclosure: Oil tank IP68, HV and LV room, IP54.



>>>  Technical Data for Load Break Switch

>>>  Technical Data for HV Oil Immersed Type Fuse