Amorphous Alloy Transformer

>>>  Product Summary

        SH15 series amorphous alloy transformer is sealed amorphous metal materials for a new kind of core transformer. Its performance is accord with standards of JB/T 10318-2002 “Technical Data and Requirements for Oil Immersed Amorphous Alloy Distribution Transformer” and related requirement in IEC 60076.


The iron loss of amorphous alloy is the lowest, and is with the best loss performance under every condition; it is with relatively high saturation magnetic induction strength, low rectifying force, ultra-low loss, low excitation current and good temperature stability. The no load loss of amorphous alloy transformer is reduced by 70%~80% compared with S9 series silicon steel transformer, no load current by 50%, load loss by 20%, with obvious energy saving effect, it is a kind of environmental friendly transformer with high efficient.


>>> Structure Features  

  1. Using single frame or three phase five columns core, iron core clamping adopts sheet shaping frame structure;

  2. LV winding is foil wound, which makes it with low loss and strong short circuit withstand ability;  

  3. Sealed structure is used for transformer tank, free of maintenance;

  4. The optimized design, advanced and reasonable structure and overall performance indexes have reached the advanced world level.

>>>  Technical Parameter