Underground Transformer


>>>  Product Summary

         Underground transformer is a new generation of distribution transformer developed to meet the needs of urban construction. It is suitable for installation in the ground, lawn, underground basement or cellars of streets and squares, highways, tunnels, airport, parking lot, tourist attractions.

The appearance and function of underground transformer is similar like pole mounted or pad mounted transformer, but it is with higher technology which makes it more reliable t and JB/T o operate. Its performance is accord with standards of IEC 60076 and JB/T 10544-2006 “ Underground Transformer”.

>>>  Structure Features

  1. The enclosure of transformer uses stainless steel, which guarantee the long term operation in underground damp environment;

  2. During design, it is fully considered the poor ventilation and radiation characteristics in underground environment, the loss and temperature rise of transformer is designed to be lower;

  3. The whole sealing waterproofing transformer structure, increases water test pilot project, thus transformer in a certain period can be submerged in water or mire safe operation;

  4. The output ends of transformer’s high voltage and low voltage adopts waterproof structure of all insulation and all shield exposed live parts, installation and limit the area without fence;

  5. On the ground, using stick can make operation to the underground transformer.

>>>  Technical Parameter