SC(B) series Epoxy Resin Insulation Dry Type Transformer

>>>  Product Summary

   Epoxy resin insulated dry type transformer is safe for operation, flame resistant, no pollution, can be directly installed in load center. It is free of maintenance, easy for installation, with low operation cost, low loss and good moisture resistant ability and can be operated normally under 100% temperature, no need for pre-drying for operation after stop. It boasting low partial discharge, small noise, strong radiating ability, can be operated at 120% rated load under forced cooling condition. It is with excellent temperature protection control system, which guarantees the reliable operation for transformer. Refer to the operation research on over 10000 transformers under service, the products performance reliability can reach international advanced level.

>>>  Feature Structure

  1. High voltage winding with polyester enameled wire wound, with glass fiber filling in vacuum condition with epoxy resin curing temperature after pouring, forming strong overall, good mechanical strength and small partial discharge, the low-voltage winding using a whole copper foil, ampere turns distributed balance and strong resist the short circuit capacity.

  2. The core using cold-rolled orientation silicon steel, reasonable choice of magnetic reduction, effectively reduce no load loss;

  3. Flame retardant well, the explosion-proof , no pollution and can be installed in the load centers;

  4. Coil not moisture absorption, low noise, good effect of heat;

  5. Low loss, energy saving, running economically, maintenance-free; small volume, light weight, convenient installation.

>>>  Technical Specification


  1. Standards: IEC 60076-11, GB1094.11-2007 “Power Transformer Part 11: Dry Type Transformer”

  2. Capacity 30kVA-2500kVA

  3. Voltage level: 10kV/0.4kV

  4. Tapping range: ±5%, ±2x2.5%

  5. Frequency: 50Hz60Hz

  6. Phase: three phase, single phase

  7. Vector group: Dyn11, Yyn0

  8. Cooling: Self cooling (AN), air forced cooling (AF)

  9. Relative humidity: 93%

  10.  Environment temperature: -10~ 40

  11. Insulation class: F

  12. Protection degree: IP00, IP20,IP23, IP54


>>> Technical Parameter