SG(B)9/ SG(B) 10
SG(B) series H Class Insulation Dry Type Transformer

>>>  Product Summary

        SGB(H)10 type H class insulation dry type power transformer features strong heat impluse withstand ability and overload ability, fire resistant, high fire protection ability, low loss, small partial discharge, low noise, no harmful gas, no damage to environment, low sensitivity to temperature, small volume, no leakage and easy maintenance. Therefore, this transformer is suitable for environment with high fire protection requirement , large load variation and severe pollution. Such as places like airport, power plant, metallurgy works, hospital, high rise buildings, shopping mall, residential area as well as special environment like petrochemical industry, nuclear power station, etc.


>>>  Feature Structure

  1. SG type new product is the dry type transformer with the most safe performance currently. All insulating materials are not to burn, extinguished by itself, nontoxic. This new product  boasting better performance when used in places with high safety requirements, moisture and heat, insufficient ventilation such as power, subway, ship, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc. Enclosure and fans can be equipped as per client’s requirement.

  2. Special coil design, process and material make the product function admirable (moisture proof, mould proof, salt-fog proof), can withstand the thermal impulse, never cracked. Based on the Nomex insulation system, the transformer will stay excellent electrical and mechanical performance during its lifetime.

  3. Product life cycle can decopose after recycling, meet customer requirements, overcoming the epoxy resin curing because gating transformer. After a period of life not to decompose, pollution of the environgment.

  4. This product adopts the new material, new technology and new structure which make it with good cooling conditions, long thermal endurance and reliable operated under long term overload conditions. It can still operate under full load without force cooling under IP23.

>>>  Technical Specification


  1. Standards: IEC 60076-11,

  2. Capacity 30kVA-2500kVA

  3. Voltage level: 10kV/0.4kV

  4. Tapping range: ±5%, ±2x2.5%

  5. Frequency: 50Hz60Hz

  6. Phase: three phase, single phase

  7. Vector group: Dyn11, Yyn0

  8. Cooling: Self cooling (AN), air forced cooling (AF)

  9. Relative humidity: 100%

  10.  Service condition: environment temperature≤40

  11. Insulation class: H

  12. Insulation level: Power frequency withstand voltage 35kV

               Lightning impulse withstand voltage 75kV


>>> Technical Parameter