20KV S11-M Type Distribution Transformer

>>>  Product Summary

        In some big cities and economic developed area, the technical economic comprehensive index of network using 220kV/110kV/ 20kV/ 0.4kV power transformation mode is best. Therefore 20kV replacing 10kV is the trend for future power grid upgrade. The transformer performance indexes is accord with standards of Q/GDW-10-325-2008 “Technical Specification of 20kV Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer”.

>>>  Structure Feature

  1. 20kV substation is with big power supply radius, less density of stationing; Circuit transmission capacity can be larger and is with less output circuits;

  2. Light equipment load, low loss and high power supply quality;

  3. Meet high rise buildings, especially large hotels, shopping malls, office supply demand.

>>> Technical Parameter

        20kV S11-M type distribution transformers