35KV Three Phase Oil Immersed Trasnformer

>>>  Product Summary

        35KV series three phase oil immersed transformer is with advantages of low loss , low noise, strong lightning withstand and short circuit withstand ability as well as beautiful appearance, it is a good combination of advanced manufacturing equipment and techniques as well as excellent component, the transformer is with four remote control function, namely  remote signal, remote metering, remote control and remote regulation, which can be controlled by computer and realize  unattended monitoring for the substation.

35kV series transformers are mainly used in rural and urban power grid as well as each industrial and mining enterprises and power transmission and distribution project. Special products in capacity as large as 40000kVA and 45000kVA can be manufactured. The transformer can withstand horizontal collision with acceleration of 30m/s² during transportation, transformer with capacity of 31500KVA and above shall be installed with impact recorder during transportation. Its product performance index is higher than GB/T6451-2008 “ Technical Data and Requirement for Oil Immersed Power Transformer”, completely accord with manufacturing standards in JB/T 3837-2010 “Transformer Product Model Establishment Method” and GB1094.1.2-1996GB1094.3-2003GB1094.5-2008 “Power Transformer” and international electro technical commission recommendation IEC 60076.

>>>  Structure Feature

  1. Iron core is processed by advanced longitudinal and lateral cutting line and lamination equipment, it is with ladder model multilevel juncture, which scatters air gap, improves flux distribution and reduces loss, no load current and noise;

  2. Adopting pulling board, clamping ring, silicon steel end special glue and a series of special surface integrity structure, the mechanical strength of iron core is improved.

  3. HV and LV winding is with novel structure, regional and oil way design is reasonable, which improves the mechanical strength and short circuit withstand ability;

The tank is bell type or big cover type, which is beautiful in appearance.


>>>  Technical Parameter


        50-2500/35 series three phase double winding distribution transformer with no load tap changer



        800-31500/35 series three phase double winding power transformer with no load tap changer