10KV-35KV SZ series Power Transformer with On Load Tap Changer

>>> Product Summary 


        10kV -35kV SZ series transformer with no load tap changer is developed and manufactured by our company, its performance complies with standards of GB 1094 “Power Transformer”, GB/T6451-2008 “Technical Data and Requirement for Oil Immersed Power Transformer”. Iron core uses excellent cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, all inclined seamed non-hole structure; Coil use high-qualitied anaerobic copper, with beautiful appearance and is safe for operation, which is widely used in rural and urban power grid. 

During transportation, the transformer can withstand horizontal acceleration of 30m/s², transformers with capacity of 31500kVA and above shall be installed with impact recorder during transportation.  

>>>  Structure and Features

  1. With on load tap changer, high reliability, advanced performance and reasonable economical index;

  2. Iron core use stair type three class seam, with curable coating on the surface, which reduces the loss and noise;

  3. The winding is with novel structure, oil way with reasonable design, adopting new insulation structure, which improves the mechanical strength and short circuit withstand ability;

Tank is diverse in forms, with beautiful generous appearance.


>>>  Technical Parameter


        SZ series three phase double winding transformer with on load tap changer