66KV Power Transformer

>>>  Product Summary


        66KV power transformer is mainly used in power and distribution system such as power plant, substation, industrial and mining enterprises etc. Its product performance index is higher than GB/T6451-2008 “ Technical Data and Requirement for Oil Immersed Power Transformer”, completely accord with manufacturing standards in JB/T 3837-2010 “Transformer Product Model Establishment Method” and GB1094.1.2-1996GB1094.3-2003GB1094.5-2008 “Power Transformer” and international electro technical commission recommendation IEC 60076.

>>>  Function and Features

  1. High reliability, advanced performance, reasonable economical index;  

  2. Performance characteristics boating high impedance, low noise, low loss, low temperature rise, low partial discharge;

  3. Products is free of maintenance, with high reliability;

  4. Tanks is with devised forms, which is beautiful generous;

  5. Product type can be provided: including new product with structure of  self cooling, free of maintenance and dead-welded tank side.

Transformer can withstand horizontal acceleration of 30m/s² during transportation, for transformer with capacity of 31500KVA and above, impact recorder shall be installed.

>>> Technical Parameter


        66KV S(F)Z9S(F)Z10S(F)Z11 Type Three Phase Power Transformer with On Load Tap Changer

66KV S(F)9S(F)10S(F)11 three phase double winding power transformer without excitation tap changer