110KV series Oil Immersed Power Transformer

>>>  Product Summary



110kV power transformer design optimization, reasonable structure, core using high quality magnetic grain orientation cold rolled silicon-steel sheet multilevel ladder piled up fold, a rational structure and winding process. With the low loss, low noise, the short circuit capacity. Widely used in various power substation, power plant, the customers are very satisfactory. Its superior product performance index is better than GB/T6451-2008 “Technical Parameters and Requirement for Oil Immersed Power Transformer”, completely accord with HB/T 3837-2010 “ Transformer Products Model Establishment Method” and manufacturing standards of GB 1094.1.2-1996, GB 1094.3-2003, GB 1094.5-2008 “Power Transformer” and international electro technical commission recommendation IEC-60076.

>>>  Function and Features

  1. Bell type oil tank, enclosure adopts bending corrugated structure, reduce weld, improving technology, enhance the tank mechanical strength and elegant appearance.

  2.  Core structure, using D unique iron yoke, 45° seam inclined.

  3. Body and oil tank are all round position, can ensure the active part in the tank body can withstand transportation of turbulence and displacement.

  4. Reasonable design, coil winding adopts the support structure, and hold between each coil, between winding and core, adopted high strength hard carton cylinder. Improved impulse voltage starting distribution, improving the reliability and insulation life. To improve the transformer fault circuit in the outside dynamic stability.

  5. Technology adopted cold welding technology, the whole body suit process, hard carton sylinder processing etc advanced technogy.

         Transformer can withstand transportation level acceleration 30m/s² collision, 31500kVA and more transformers in transportation need to be equipped with impact recorder.

>>>  Technical Parameter  

      6300-180000/110 series three phase double winding transformer without excitation tap changer 



6300-630000/110 series three phase three winding transformer with on load tap changer


6300-630000/110 series three phase double winding transformer with on load tap changer

6300-630000/110 series three phase three winding transformer without excitation tap changer