220KV Power Transformer

>>>  Product Summarize

Our company production of 220kV oil immersed power transformer R&D based on digested and absorption of advanced technology both at home and aboard, and the characteristics of urban and rural power grid. Its superior product performance index is better than GB/T 6451-2008 “oil immersed transformer, electric power, technical parameters and requirements” completely accord with JB/T 3837-2010” transformer products model establishment method” and GB 1094.1.2-1996, GB 1094.3-2003, GB 1094.5-2008 “power transformer” manufacturing standard and the international electro technical commission recommendation IEC 60076.

>>>  Function and features

This series of products with the characteristic of low loss, low noise, no need to hang the core, safety, reliability, economy can be guaranteed. The transformer core USES multilevel ladder up fold, laminated to 45° inclined seam no hole binding structure, the burr of silicon steel shear mouth less than 0.02mm. The core of advanced over table, strict pile up fully guarantee the grain orientation of cold rolled silicon-steel sheet, effectively reduce no-load loss of the transformer. Coil quality non-oxygenic copper wire windings, all are auxiliary support inside, lateral braces are locked in the changing, adopting unique hill-climbing pad, greatly enhances the winding resistance of the mechanical strength and short-circuit capacity. The new body transformer technique, make a unit of strong body and tank. Tank structure form for bending corrugated bell cover, beautiful generous. All are processed with groove sealing seal structure. Box along with double oil way sea. Ensure transformer tank no il leakage, Transformer can withstand transportation level acceleration 30 square meters/s collision, transformer in transit outfit 3d collision recorder.


>>> Technical Data  

        31500-420000/220 series three phase double winding transformers  without excitation tap changer

31500-180000/220series three phase double winding transformer with on load tap changer