Rectifier Transformer

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        Rectifier transformer is power source transformer for rectifier, its function is transform alternating current into direct current together with rectifier. The DC power source of many electrical equipment is derived by rectifier equipment combined by rectifier transformer and rectifier in AC grid, which turning AC into DC, it is widely used in electrochemical electrolysis, non-ferrous metal smelting, traction, transmission, static cleaning, DC transmission, inverter and gernal industrial rectifying power supply, etc. According to user’s requirements for design and manufacture of secondary winding phase 7.5°15°30°, for 6,12, 24,48 phase with various structural forms rectifying the product. Main executive GB/T 18484.1-2001 “converter transformer, the first part: industrial converter transformer’’, JB/ 8636-1997 “power converter transformer “ standards.

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