Electric Furnace Transformer

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Furnace transformer is the transformer providing power supply for furnace, it transfers the relatively high voltage into working voltage for furnace.

        There are many types of furnace, so the type of furnace transformer matching with is also many. At present, the manufacturing models in our company are as follows: arc furnace transformer (including on load and off load tap changing and with reactor inside) for steel making; Ore transformer (single phase, three phase on load and off load tap changer) for smelting all kinds of ferroalloys, silicon compound and  calcium carbide etc, all for the low loss and energy saving products. Cooling is self cooling, forcing water coolingetc. Main executive standards are JB/T 8447-2006 “ electric slag furnance transformer’, JB/T9640-1999 “acr furnace transformer’, JB/T 6303-2004 “calcium carbide furnace transformer technical parameters and requirements’’, JB/T5344.1-2004 “Submerged arc furnace transformer genral rules”, JB/T 10429-2004 “Ladle finery furnace transformer” etc.

>>>  Model meaning

  H-Arc furnace transformer                        HC-Calcium carbide furnace transformer

  HK-Mining heat furnace transformer           HZ-Electric furnace transformer 

  HT-Ferroalloy furnace transformer             HG-Power frequency induction furnace transformer 

  HJ-Ladle refining furnace

  CKS-Reactor  S-Three  D-Single-phase F-Air-cooled

 SP-Forced water cooling oil of circulation Z-in the final position of product  model for on-load changer 

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>>> Technical Data for  HCS、HCSSP type calcium carbide furnace transformer

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